Ymir Systems is a software development and support company formed in August 2017.

In Norse mythology, Ymir is the primordial frost giant from whose corpse the world was formed. The gods used his brains to make the clouds. It is from this allegory that the company's name was selected to allude to the pun on The Cloud.

Would you know more?

The Ymir System is a digital asset managment system and decenteralized social network. This pairing comes from the undrlying model of contacts as originators of digital assets. It is designed so that you are already using the system without knowing it! You, yourself, are your zeroth contact. It is when you make first contact with another person--explicitley using this system--that it's full power may be harnessed. You have full control of who you connect with and what you share with them.

A prototype device--a Ymir Device--based on the system is currently under construction.

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